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What Do You Do With YOUR Old Photos?

What do you do with YOUR old photos?

Are they going mouldy somewhere, unloved and forgotten? Are you always thinking that one day you might get around to doing something with them, but then never know what? I may have some answers for you…

If you’re anything like me you have a big box of the precious pics lurking somewhere in your house. Maybe at the back of a drawer, or the bottom of a cupboard, even up in the loft. I have photos discarded from my grandparents, saved from my parents clearouts, printed from my own childhood camera. Important photos, trivial photos and a whole host of truly terrible photos, and I love them all.


Before I started Stitchbooking I had no idea what to do with them. Sometimes I would sit and go through them and reminisce, but mostly they would just sit there from year to year. Now that I use them in my Stitchbooks those forgotten photos have been ungraded to an accessible box in my living room. One of my favourite parts of starting a new project is to get them all out and search through looking for ones to feature.


‘This Is Your Life’ Stitchbook

A great project for this is the ‘This is Your Life’ Stitchbook as you get to use very old photographs. I put one together for my Nan and used pictures from over 80 years ago, including ones from my Mum that i’d never even seen before. The great thing about Stitchbooking is that you don’t ‘use up’ the original photo. Because you scan in the image and print them onto the transfer paper, the originals remain intact even if you decide to crop the images or cut around the figures.   Find out more about this Stitchbook here.

So just think about the treasures that could be lurking at the back of your cupboards. What could you make from them?

Want to have a go?

  1. Grab yourself some Transfer Paper
  2. Chose a tutorial
  3. Make something amazing!

What have you used Photo Transfer Paper for?

Leave me a comment  to let me know about your Stitchbooking  projects or even better – send me a photo. Email me your photos (to and I’ll feature a selection on the blog.



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