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This Is Your Life Stitchbook

This Is Your Life Stitchbook

A Fabric Memory Book

One of my most popular Stitchbooks in the ‘This is Your Life’ book which chronicles someones life journey using their own photographs transferred to fabric. This ability to print very high quality photographs onto fabric is one of the key parts of Stitchbooking and uses a transfer paper you can find out more about here.

This example is one I made for my Nan and features 10 fabric pages of text and photos from her life. From her childhood photos from the 1930’s to to pictures of her great-grandchildren. The book goes in more or less chronological order although there are a few ‘theme’ pages such as ‘travel’ and ‘friends’ that have photos from several different eras.

I was really excited to do this project as it meant I could sort through and use any of my parents photographs and find all of these amazing images of my grandparents.


A Treasure Trove of Photos

Luckily my Grandad worked for Kodak (a major player in the history of photography) for his whole career, so they always had a camera on hand and therefore  my Nan’s life is well documented! It was also lovely to take time to really study the images of my grandparents in their youth and think about them at that time. My Nan looks so glamorous throughout and one of the hardest parts was choosing just 1 or 2 images for each page from the hundreds of beautiful ones!

On each page I tried to use colours and fabrics that complement the era and style of the photographs. More muted colours for the early years, moving onto brighter, retro colours for the 60’s and 70’s of my mum’s childhood, with bright florals for the 80’s and 90’s. Along with the change from black and white images and the clothing featured in the photos this really helps the feeling of time passing.


In love with this book? You can commission your own version of the ‘This Is Your Life’ Stitchbook for a gift for a special birthday or anniversary from my personal art website or you can make your own using the Stitchbook Starter Kit found in the Shop.


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