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What Is Stitchbooking And Why Should I Do It?

What is Stitchbooking and Why should I do it?

Perhaps you’ve got to my site by clicking on a nice picture and you’re not sure what this strange hybrid of a word means. Perhaps you have seen some Stitchbooks in my Studio and are not sure if you’d like to have a go yourself.

Friends from birth cousin stitchbook pages

Well, here are some answers!

The simple answer is that a Stitchbook is a scrapbook made using fabric, with photographs, text and fabric pages. However the craft of Stitchbooking is more than just the books! The craft combines the techniques from both scrapbooking and the textile arts and can be used to make a range of beautiful products.

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The main idea is to use all of the lovely photographs we all have in our houses, at the back of cupboards or  stored away on never looked at computer files.  Stitchbooking utilises home printed photo transfers to add pictures to fabric, allowing you to add images to any textile project. As well as adding photographs and text you can incorporate a huge range of textile crafts into your Stitchbooks, especially quilt making, applique, cross stitch and silk painting.
You can make books or pages like you would in a scrapbook- to record a family holiday or a particular event like a birthday. You could treat it like a journal and create a time capsule of your life right now, or you could make an illustrated book on a particular theme.


Why I love them:

  • The finished products are more tactile than paper scrapbooks. Velvet ribbon, rough linens and smooth   buttons give a fantastic textured finish.


  • You don’t have to be a sewing expert to make them. There are many techniques that you can do with little or no previous experience. However you can also bring your textiles expertise to the table: patchwork backgrounds, cross stitch lettering, embroidery details/ borders in fact Stitchbooking could provided you with the perfect showcase for your particular skills


  • There are no rules! I am all about shortcuts and making things enjoyable and easy. As far as I’m concerned there is no right or wrong way to sew. Because you are not going to wash or wear your Stitchbooks they don’t need to be as robust as clothing or as precise as quilts, so as long as what you have made LOOKS good – then it is successful!


  • You can have frayed edges if you like a rough, shabby chic finish. Or you can finish everything perfectly if you have a    perfectionist streak. You can go for simplicity and minimalism, letting the pattern and texture of the fabric star or you can add lots of embellishments and create a decorated masterpiece.


Want to have a go? Try these steps next:

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  2. Purchase some Photo Transfer Paper – an essential component for all Stitchbook projects.
  3. Try a Stitchbook Project with my free tutorials. Chose a skill level from beginner to advanced.



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