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About This Blog

About this Blog

Welcome to my Mission Statement Blog Post. (Please restrain your whoops and cheers of excitement!)

Today I will be setting out my vision for what you can expect if you tune in to any of my future posts.

As I’ll be posting  about everything to do with Stitchbooking I need some way to organise my thoughts, and trust me, I have a lot to say on this subject!

So I’ll be splitting my posts into smaller parts to form a 3-part series on a specific theme. This way it is easier for me to focus on a specific point and for you to be able to find the information you’re looking for. I’ll also be throwing in the odd random post too if something exciting comes up, or I have a particular story to tell you!

What is this blog all about?

My aim is to show you how to make everything you need to create beautiful fabric books. I will be sharing examples, tutorials and inspirational posts as well as linking you to amazing products and pre-made items to add to your projects.

I am going to divide the things I want to talk about into 4 categories:

  • Planning – What to think about when planning a Stitchbook project, general tips about fabric and finding time to sew.
  • Lettering – How to add text to your pages either as captions or journal features.
  • Backgrounds – Techniques for fabric page backgrounds, from quilting and patchwork to fabric paint and weaving.
  • Embellishments – Any additional elements added to the page to add detail, texture or journal feature.

Parts of a Stitchbook page: background, binding, photo, text, lettering

These are the basic components of Stitchbooks (along with fabric photographs, but you can already get the tutorial for that here).

In some ways I will be writing this as if in a book. The posts when put together should form a comprehensive set of instructions to making a Stitchbook. However, they won’t follow on from each other and you won’t be able to follow the posts and create a specific project. Instead they should be used to build up a library of inspiration and ideas for you to use when planning or creating a Stitchbook project as well as to explain some of the principles behind the craft.

How to use the posts:

Throughout the blog I will discuss the techniques as if you are going to use them in a fabric memory book, but they can also be used to add to any of the projects in my tutorials area or in your own crafts. In fact, many of these techniques are borrowed from existing crafts such as scrapbooking, card making and embroidery. Depending on your craft experience you may be more interested in certain weeks than others. I will be trying to cater for all craft backgrounds and skill levels.  To help you out with this I’ll be rating each technique Easy, Intermediate or Advanced so you can easily chose which ones will suit you.

I will also be referencing my Stitchbook Starter Kit (pictured below) which contains the construction materials for a fabric memory book onto which you can add these techniques.

Inside Stitchbook Starter Kit

My social media will also be following along with the themed weeks, so check out my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more information, images and questions.

The next few weeks will be as follows

26th June – Backgrounds: Foundation Pages

3rd July – Lettering: Stamped Lettering



I hope you decide to follow me on this adventure and fall in love with Stitchbooking as much as I have!


  • To start off check out my Photo Paper tutorial as you’ll need that to print your photos onto fabric.
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  • If you have any questions feel free to send me them using the comment form below.

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