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How To Make Foundation Pages

How to Make Foundation Pages

Ok, So on Monday I started to talk about backgrounds and what you need to think about before you start to create a background page for your Stitchbooks.

Today I’m going to be talking about foundation pages and why they are an essential part of your Stitchbooking toolkit when making backgrounds for your project. You can skip the top part of this post if you are working from my Stitchbook Starter Kit as this kit includes a set of pre-made foundation pages.

What are foundation pages?

Foundation pages are thin fabric sheets which form the structure of your Stitchbook pages. You add fabric on top of them to create your backgrounds.

Foundation page labeled seam allowance and interfacing

Why do I need them?

They give the pages strength and stiffness and have the added benefit that you can use transparent and light fabrics as your backgrounds as these will be supported by the foundation page.  They also help to keep all of your pages the same size and make sure none of your fabric stretches out of shape.

They are cut and stitched to include seam allowance which means that you know exactly which parts of your pages will be seen. You can also use these seam lines to show you where to sew when constructing your book.

Stitchbook front and back covers need extra strength so I also add interfacing to the foundation pages for the covers to give them the extra stability.  This is much easier to add to the flat foundation page than bumpy patchworked backgrounds.

It is possible to make a Stichbook without foundation pages, and just use a background fabric,  but I would very much recommend that you do use them – It makes everything so much easier!


So – We know you need foundation pages, now what?

You’ll need to make a  foundation page for each side of your Stitchbook including the inside and outside covers, then you can add a background to the foundation. Below is an example of what each page will look like with a simple 1 piece background attached to a foundation page.

Seam allowance on foundation page

What fabric should I use for the foundation pages?

You should use a thin fabric such as a light polycotton. I often use old sheets because it doesn’t matter how nice the fabric is (you won’t see it!). You will want a light colour though, or it will show through any light fabric you put on top.

When you have your foundation fabric it is helpful to add in your seam allowance. (The red line on the Starter Kit pages).  I use a 1.5cm seam allowance. If you don’t  mark the seam allowance you can easily position things too close to the edge like in this photo (the wording is meant to say ‘Mum: Rachel’ )

Seam allowance issues - what happens when you sew too close to the edge!


How to prepare the foundation pages for your Stitchbook.

  1. Cut foundation fabric 1.5cm  (your seam allowance size) larger than your page size around all edges.
  2. If creating a foundation page for covers add a medium weight iron-on interfacing the same size as the fabric.
  3. Mark the seam allowance using a pencil, pen or stitch around on the sewing machine


How to add fabric as background – The fun bit!

  1. Chose a background fabric – Not too thick because will be too bulky when sewn into your pages.
  2. Cut this fabric out the same size as your foundation fabric.
  3. Place on top of the foundation page, right side of background fabric facing up. You want to see the seam allowance markings so put those facing out (in this picture I have used a sewing machine so the markings are double sided.)Add your background fabric to your foundation page.
  4. Following the seam lines on the foundation fabric hand stitch a line of tacking to attach the background fabric to the foundation page.  This will both secure the two pieces of fabric together and transfer the markings to the front of your page.

Seam allowance on foundation page


And there you have your first background page, ready to have photographs, text and embellishments added!

Next Steps:

  • Can’t be bothered to create your own foundation pages? Get my Stitchbook Starter Kit where it’s all been done for you!
  • Tune in on Friday when I will be showing you some simple but effective backgrounds to use for your first pages.

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