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Lettering #1 : Stampers

Lettering #1 : Stampers

Add Titles, Captions and More!

It’s the first themed lettering week! And I’ve decided to start with one of my all time favourite techniques – Stamped lettering.

This easy technique is something I can’t get enough of and it forms the basis of most of my tutorials  and journal pages – like this one from my  ’30 Years’ Stitchbook . I’ve used the stampers to create the title for this page ‘Friends From Birth’.

Friends from birth stitchbook page featuring stamper lettering. Stitchbook Studio by Kim Edith


It’s a very simple technique and requires only a little practice to perfect, as well as not requiring any expensive materials -once you have a set of letters you can print as much text as your heart desires!

Borrowed from scrapbooking

Using stampers to create lettering is a technique often found in scrapbooking, but in most cases the stamps used are pre-cut into specific messages such as ‘best friends’ or ‘just married.

Let's go on an adventure by Talktothesun rubber stamper hand cut lettering

Whilst these are very useful and can be gorgeous (for example this hand-cut stamp by talktothesun), I find it very inflexible and expensive to have to buy separate stamps for each page -not to mention the impossibility of writing out names or places!

I want the freedom to be able to write anything I like – that is where these individual letter stampers come in.By individually choosing and stamping each letter, the possibilities are infinite!

Easy to use

The technique for creating this lettering couldn’t be easier!

Simply press your chosen stamper into the ink pad then press onto the ribbon or tape.  It takes a bit of practice to line them up neatly but it really is that simple!

You don’t have to restrict yourself to the ribbon or tape either, you can use this technique straight onto your fabric background, onto paper or card, or any other surface the ink will stick to.


How to attach the ribbon to your background

  • By sewing machine – Sew straight or zig-zag lines around all edges, or just at the short ends.
  • By hand – Use a running stitch to sew lines around all edges.
  • By glue dots
  • By double sided tape
  • By fabric glue
  • By brads – See this tutorial to learn how to use brads to secure fabric to fabric.

Stitchbook Lettering kit

Which Stampers?

There are many available lettering stamper sets of many sizes and fonts but you might find it hard to find ones small enough to fit onto a ribbon – I certainly did!

This is why I have put together a Stitchbook Lettering Kit which includes a set of tiny lettering stamps that are the perfect size for printing onto ribbon or tape.

Also included in the kit are 2 sets of cotton tape (several colours available) and an ink pad, so you will have all you need to get stamping!


Want to have a go?

  • Order a Stitchbook Lettering Kit and get yourself some stampers
  • Tune in this Wednesday for some tips and tricks to get you stamping like a pro!
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