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Lettering 1: Stamped Lettering Top Tips

Lettering 1: Stamped Lettering Top Tips

Top tips for perfect stamped lettering:

Following on from Monday’s introduction to stamped lettering here are five top tips to get you creating perfect text!


  1. A delicate touch is best

Press lightly into the ink pad. You  don’t want to get ink on the edges of the stamp – just the letters, or you will get the block around each letter. This can be a cool effect on headings and titles but if you’re doing a block or strip of lettering it will detract from the legibility of the text. If you do get ink on the sides just remove it but wiping gently with a dry bit of kitchen towel.


  1. Waterproof for washable projects.

Sometimes you’ll want to waterproof your project. Perhaps you’re making a baby book that may need to be washed or want to add text to a t-shirt. If you want to be able to wash your project you’ll need to use fabric pens instead of an ink pad. ‘Colour in’ the lettering stamper with the fabric pen then press down on the fabric as normal. Fix according to the fabric pen instructions (usually by ironing).


  1. Embrace the wobble

It’s no good to be a perfectionist when using lettering stampers -they will always have a bit of a wobbly look to them. This is because all of the letters have slightly different spaces between the letter and the edge of the stamp (think of the difference in width of a letter I and letter M). Not to mention that you can’t see exactly where you are stamping.

Don’t worry though! The slight imperfections are what make Stitchbooking so beautiful: they are clearly handmade! Try your best to wrangle them in line, but don’t freak out when there is a slightly deviant one (no-one but you will ever notice anyway!)


  1. Edit; Undo.

Having said all of the above, sometimes there are those times when you wish you could delete your mistakes and you might need to ‘erase’ some stamped lettering.  If you’ve used a normal ink pad you should be able to easily remove the text: just wash the fabric! The ink will wash off easily. Just make sure that all of the other part of your work are washable too!


  1. Clean now or regret it later!

Clean the stamps by dabbing onto a sheet of wet kitchen towel then leaving to air dry. You need to be strict about doing this or you might find a previous ink colour hanging around and mixing with the new one.


Follow these five for amazing stamped lettering whatever your project!

If you want even more inspiration or help check out the blog on Friday when i’ll be showing you five things to experiment with when using stamped lettering.

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