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Stamped Lettering Ideas To Try

Stamped Lettering Ideas To Try

I hope you’ve been inspired by my posts on Stamped Lettering this week. Today I have five ideas for you to try to explore this great technique even further:

Things to try:

  1. Experiment with ribbon.

You don’t have to use cotton ribbon but be careful using other ribbons as the ink may bleed leaving the letters unreadable.

Try a thin ribbon like this yellow ribbon below which was so thin I could only just fit the tiny lettering stamps on. This is a great for squeezing lots of text onto a small page.

Yellow ribbon stamped lettering family

  1. Be brave! Stamp straight onto the page.

Try stamping straight onto the fabric but be warned! It may not be perfect everytime! You can print straight onto the page but you’ll need to be feeling brave! There are lots of things that can go wrong. With ribbon you can just cut off the offending part and start again further along.

With this ‘Absolutely Crabulous’ Page I bravely stamped onto a white rectangle of patchwork after I had pieced it all together. It was a bit nerve wracking trying to get it right but I think it looks great stamped straight on the page.


  1. Play with sizes. Lettering stampers come in many different sizes and fonts. Mix and Match sizes and fonts for a playful feel. Make a word cloud.

There are many types of lettering stampers

  1. Rainbow Lettering. Try different colours with multiple stamp pads or pens. I have a couple of different stamp pads with several colours on like this Color Box one which is great for small stamps as you can just press the stampers into which ever colour you want.

 colour stamp pad for stamped lettering

  1. Combine with other techniques. Try using embroidered lettering on the same ribbon or using small stamped lettering as a subheading to an applique title.


This is only scratching the surface of the possibilities of using lettering stampers. What projects have you used them for?

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