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Zoe’s First Book

Zoe’s First Book

A few weeks ago I got a lovely email from Judith, a lady who came on my 6-week Stitchbook course back in January.

Over the course of the 6-weeks she made a beautiful fabric book, which was to be a present for her first grandchild, Zoe, whose birth was imminent.  She chose the colours, pages and themes to appeal to a baby as well as show photos of family members. We also had to think about how to create a baby-proof version of the book, using waterproof ink and re-enforcing the photo durability (as this is not something that usually concerns me!)

The finished book was lovely and I was sure Zoe would love it. Both being able to enjoy it at a young age, with a wide range of bright colours and textures to play with, and also when older be very proud of such a lovingly handmade present.

So, it was lovely to get an  update email of Zoe at 4 months old, clutching the book. I think from the pictures below you can see she is clearly enjoying exploring it!

Thanks Judith for sharing this with me, and letting the world see your gorgeous granddaughter!


This Stitchbook was made using the Stitchbook Starter Kit – Check it out to make your own baby book (or a more grown-up version!)


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