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Mini Felt Envelopes

Mini Felt Envelopes

The cutest interactive addition to your Stitchbook pages!

Something I’ve learned from taking my Stitchbooks to craft fairs across the country is that everyone loves a little envelope. My pages featuring these tiny fabric pouches are always met by delighted noises as people of all ages open them up and unfold the messages within. I’ve used them in all sorts of projects, from wedding guest books to personal journals, and they can be used to hide small charms, secret messages as a way to add paper to your book (fold up a typed piece of writing, a personal message, a poem or a treasured quotation).

This is my most popular envelope page.

This particular page uses a small, regular shaped envelope template made out of 9 different shades of blue felt. I didn’t realise how many different shades of felt  had but it’s easy to find loads as each brand of felt has different shades. If you buy a felt sheet in navy blue from 4 different shops they are likely to all be slightly different colours.

I’ve used a piece of vintage fabric for the background which I love but as it has a wide spaced design it hasn’t been suitable for a Stitchbook before now – However it matched with the blue envelopes perfectly.

I made up the envelopes and added them to the page in a grid. Added a folded note in each one which you can take out and read (people love interacting with this! If you want a hands-on way to interest your Stitchbook readers then adding envelopes to your pages is bound to be a winner.)

Want to try it yourself?

I love these little guys so much I’ve made a kit so you can make them too. It has 2 shapes of envelope template (regular and scalloped edge) both in two sizes. The kit contains pieces of felt for your envelopes as well as thread and beads to secure the opening flaps. The kits come in several colours and you can make quite a few envelopes from each.

Buy the kit here

MIni envelope kit inside

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