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Inspiration For Weekly Stitchbook Journal #1

This is the first photo Stitchbook I made back in 2016. I had been making fabric books using photographs for several years but I had never used personal photos before. Inspired by scrapbooking blogs I decided to have a go at making a scrapbook out of fabric.
In order to focus on experimenting with techniques and find out the possibilites of this new craft, I decided to challenge myself to create a journal page a week. This way I couldn’t be too precious about quality or waiting for the ‘perfect idea’ for a page. It worked, I made a page for every week from Feb-July and there are now 2 more volumes (and I’m about to start a 4th!)
Note: There are 30 internal pages in this book but in the video some of the pages and photos have been obscured for privacy reasons.
For inspiration for this book I looked at lots of scrapbooking blogs to understand how to layout pages and add detail. I knew a wide range of textile techniques but the challenge was how to combine them with my personal photos to create a scrapbook journal. Below are the specific pages and artists I used for inspiration on particular pages along with links to their blogs.

Fabric Stash Selfie:

VIntage NYC by Katie Ehmann from Studio Calico

I adore the  multicoloured bakers twine on this layout –Vintage NYC by Katie Ehmann as well as the way it radiates out from the central photo. On my Fabric Stash Selfie page I added the twine by couching it to the background, which features a strip of striped patchwork to mimic the stripes of the twine.





Dublin Natural History Museum

Circular Scrapbooking Inspiration by Shimelle

One of my favourite places is the Dublin Natural History Museum, a place seemingly frozen in time! I first visited whilst on a drawing trip with some friends at Uni (where we spend 3 whole days drawing there!) but then re-visited in 2016.  I didn’t have many photos from my visit so I decided to add some stamped animals as well as the pictures. The inspiration for the circular holes came from  this page: Circular Scrapbooking Inspiration by Shimelle and they are reverse applique – with the coloured fabric being sewn to the back of the circular hole.





Born to Accessorise

mini mists tutorial by studio calico

Mini Mists Tutorial by Studio Calico. I am very interested in paper scrapbooks that use stitching in their layouts, like this one -which has yellow paper leaves stitched by machine to the background. I loved the cut out shapes and the grid of leaves, as well as the graded colour. For my page I decided to have lots of different shapes for my cutouts, although I kept the idea of a colour fade across the objects.




You are my happiness by Adriana Bolzon I tend to shy away from the colour black, especially where baby photos are concerned, but when I saw this layout:   You are my Happiness” layout by Adriana Bolzon I immediately wanted to try black pages. I think it is the contrast of the light pink with the black – It’s feminine but modern. Luckily I had some scraps of a fabric with pink and white flowers on a black background that are almost identical to the ones in this picture!





5 Months

Jane at 5 months by Paige Taylor Evans

I had saved this page: Jane@ 5 Months by Paige Taylor Evans on Pinterest, so when I wanted to to record a visit to my baby cousin (aged 5 months) it seemed an obvious choice! I loved the circular shape of the frame with the butterflies around the outside, so I tried to replicate it using prairie points around the edge of a large appliqued circle.






Family side 2 by Dwelch

Family Side 2 by DWelch  : This is a technique I have seem several times on scrapbooking sites, as well as on my old family photos. The photo has been traced and there is a key labelling each member. I took this idea and transferred it to fabric, using PVC to trace the shapes and hand embroidering all of the names (yes it did take a long time!!). I really love this technique and it’s one of my favourite pages in the book.








Inspired to have a go at one yourself? Check out my Stitchbook Starter Kit which has all of the construction materials for you to create your own mini- stitchbook!

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