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New Stitchbook Journal

Last week I shared the first Stitchbook Journal that I made back in 2016. Today I’m launching the start of Volume 4!

The idea of the journal is to record the things that I get up to, think about and remember,  mixing photos with fabric collage and experimenting with new techniques. The pages should be relatively quick to make, with the focus on recording a moment in time rather than creating something perfect. In this way I can develop new ideas to use in my other work and at the same time produce something interesting and hopefully inspirational.

I will not be sticking religiously to producing one page a week (as I did during the first 2 journals) as sometimes this is impossible with my work schedule and leads to rushed, unusable pages or a backlog which I cannot clear! I will, more reasonably, be aiming for at least one page every two weeks.

The techniques I use are a mixture of scrapbooking and textiles and I use a range of other artists work to influence and inspire me. I also use various online tutorials to learn new techniques. As I go along I will be sharing these with you as I share the pages, so you can get a glimpse into my creative process and hopefully learn about some amazing artists.

I have designed these journals to build up over time – and I add 4 pages at a time onto the front cover. Therefore all I have made for this launch is the front and inside covers which have been bound together with a velvet ribbon in a gorgeous aquamarine colour. The front cover is a patchwork star decorated by hand quilting with added text and the inside cover is a simple patchwork of squares of different sizes finished with rows of large hand stitches. Onto this inside cover I will attach some strips of grosgrain ribbon to attach the pages (but I haven’t found the perfect colour yet!)


My first page is almost complete – I’m working on a celebration of my Into The Woods book reaching 600k views on Facebook.  (Update! Check it out here)

I’ll be posting the images of each of the finished pages here and on my Facebook page and for inside information on the pages you can join my Facebook Group Stitchbook Studio. In the group I’ll be sharing information on the techniques I’ve used on the pages and discussing how you can use them in your own projects.


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