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Journal 4: Page 1

Journal 4: Page 1

It’s finished!

The first page for my newest Stitchbook Journal is ready to go (and just needs a couple of dozen more to go with it!)

This page is to celebrate my Into The Woods video reaching 600k view on Facebook last week. The numbers are so huge I have stopped being able to fully comprend them, but it doesn’t stop how good  it feels to have so many lovely comments coming through. The video has been huge for me this month, from reading and replying to comments, to planning and starting work on a published version, so it only felt right for it to be the focus of the first page of this new journal.  (To find out more about the journal project check out my previous posts and  here and here )

I’ve tried to use a similar colours scheme to the Woods book, although actually all of the fabrics are different. Some of the embellishments are the same, however. For instance i’ve transferred photos of some of the fabric butterflies and used those as well as the shapes of some of the appliqued leaves.

One of the embellishments I’ve used is a metal butterfly that was given to me by a friend as part of a craft-stash birthday present a few years ago. It’s been waiting for the right project, so i’m very glad to have found a good one to use it on!

My favourite thing about page is that there is so many different textures. Smooth metals and plastics, lush velvet and rough ric rac. Touch and the wonderful tactile nature of fabric is one of the reasons I love fabric books so it’s great to be able to make pages that you just want to run your hands over!

Inspired to have a go yourself? For more information about which techniques I have used to create this layout head over and join my FREE Facebook group: Stitchbook Studio where I will be sharing behind the scenes details and answering questions.

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