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Stitchbook Journal: Etsy Portsmouth

Stitchbook Journal 4- Page 3:

This journal page is to document an exciting event I went to this week which was the first meeting of a new Etsy Local Portsmouth team. It was a brilliant evening where we got to meet loads of other creative people in the city and chat about our work over tea and cake. I didn’t get the memo that we had to bring things along, but everyone else showed up with examples of their work and this photo shows a selection of their gorgeous items.

I have hand stamped the lettering of the individual Etsy shops of all of the people who were at the meeting and tried to stitch them onto the page on or near the corresponding items in the photographs (not all shops made it into the main photograph but I managed to squeeze a few more in at the sides!)

If you’d like to check out the makers listed, or find info about joining the local team, the EtsyPortsmouth page is here.


Anyone who has been on Etsy will know that they like a bit of orange over there. Not only is the logo a bright orange but also lots of their website  and other marketing. Orange is actually my least favourite colour, and I try and stay away from it, so having to work with the Etsy colour scheme was a bit of a challenge! Luckily I had this lovely piece of fabric left over from a recent commission so I had something to use as the page background, and the addition of the blue banner has made it more palatable for me!

I’m happy with how it’s turned out, although the long shop names were hard to sew in a straight line so are now a bit wonky! The ribbon is very thin so likes to wriggle out of line. However the main aim of this project is to try new ways to document my activities/ photos in a short amount of time, so I’m not allowed to be too critical of the quality!

Confession time: I don’t really use my Etsy shop, even though I’ve been on it since 2006!  But I hope joining this team will spur me on to re-design it and put it to better use. Stay tuned for either a re-brand or maybe I will start again and launch a whole new shop!

To read more about the Stitchbook Journal project check out this post.

If you’d like to show me what you’ve been working on, head over to my Facebook group Stitchbook Studio where you can share your Stitchbooks and chat to some of my lovely members.



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