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Stitchbook Journal: Handmade Fair

Stitchbook Journal: Handmade Fair


Kirstie’s Handmade Fair 2018

Last weekend was a big event for me – Kirstie Allsopps Handmade Fair at Bowwod House in Wiltshire. It was the first time I’d been a part of the 3-day fair (which also takes  place at Ragley Hall in Warwickshire and Hampton Court) and the first time i’d had a wooden stand to display my Stitchbooks rather than just a table.

I had a great time over the days of the fair and it was an outstandingly beautiful setting to spend time in.  The weather was glorious (a bit too glorious to be standing in an enormous overcrowded tent at times!) and gave it a festival atmosphere, with everyone spending time sitting outside as well as scurrying between shopping and workshops.

I met loads of lovely people – both customers and fellow stall holders and it was amazing to spend the whole weekend enthusing about crafting.

Obviously, at a fair full of gorgeous crafts and talented makers I wanted to buy everything! I was very strict however, and only let myself buy a selection of hand mixed fabric paints in bright pastels by Pick Pretty Paints .  I justified this because another of my aims for this journal is to experiment more with fabric paint and printing, and these paints are mixed specifically for that purpose.

handmade fair 2018 journal page

To get started I chose a simple method and used yellow and dark blue paints to stamp the  fabric for a couple of the patchwork background pieces. This one was done using a cotton reel to stamp circles on top of a mint green patterned fabric. I’m pleased with the results and am now planning my next experiments!

What you might notice is that I have included my exhibitor wristband in the page. I’m trying to push the boundaries of what I can sew to the pages, because I often struggle to find fabric content, and one thing I like about paper journalling is being able to add in cards, tickets and other ephemera.  This wristband is made from soft plastic so it was easy to sew through using small hand stitches all the way round the outside.

handmade fair 2018 journal page

I included one of my favourite stamps which is this date one. Very simple to stamp out and then embrioder the month and ring the days using a back stitch.

I have also included ribbons stamped with the names of some of the other exhibitors that I met and who helped me out over the weekend, so I can remember who they are! As you might not be able to read the light turquiose lettering, here is a list of the ones i’ve included so you can check out their awesome handmade items and kits:

Lizzy Chambers : Beautiful glass jewellery filled with dried flowers

Libby Ballard: Hand crafted ceramics

Dizzy and Creative : Traditional sewing and embroidery kits

Light Stitches: e-textiles and wearable electronics

The Make Arcade : modern cross stitch and sewing kits


Hope you like the pages, they were ones that I really enjoyed making. If you came to the fair, I hope you had as good a time as I did!

Want to try making your own Stitchbook Journal? Check out my shop for a range of kits to start you on your Stitchbook Journey.

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