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Stitchbook Journal: Westgate-on-Sea

Stitchbook Journal: Westgate-on-Sea

After all of my posts early in the summer about enjoying creating pages filled with sunshine and bright colours, here is a little bit of a change!

At the beginning of August I went on a mini summer holiday to visit one of my friends in Westgate-on-Sea, Kent, and had a lovely time walking and exploring the seafront and beaches there. However, the weather wasn’t quite as lovely as in previous weeks and – as this photo shows- my raincoat certainly got an airing!


I knew I wanted to make a more subdued page than the bright ones from the rest of the summer, and then I remembered this layout: Find Your Happy Place” by Leonie Neal-Dawson  (see below). I loved the colours – the blue with the wooden shapes and using the symbols around the central photo in a circle. I also had this beautiful raindrop fabric which I bought in a sale at John Lewis, and have been wanting to use for ages. The raindrop fabric, the background blue and the wooden shapes all seemed to go perfectly together so it was easy to decide to try and recreate this layout in fabric to represent the trip.

As for the wooden shapes – I had seen this layout sometime before (it was posted in 2016) and admired the use of the wooden shapes, so when I came accross a set of similar shapes at The Range, I knew I had to have them and try them out for myself!  They are from the Papermania : Bare Basics range.  I’ve had them for a few months just waiting for the right layout to try them out. (There are loads left so I’ll have to experiment with some other uses for them as well!).


The wooden pieces have been laser cut so they have areas which are very thin wood – perfect for looping thread around to attach them to the background. I simply sewed through some of the gaps a couple of times in the closest colour I could get to match the pale wood. Some worked better than others (the stitching on the camera for instance is practically invisible!).

I’m excited about the possibilities of using these wooden blanks as they come in various shapes and themes and can be painted different colours or embellished.


Have you ever used wooden shapes in your textiles work?

What should I do with my remaining ones?

Let me know!


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  1. Kim,
    I love your use of wooden embellishments. Recently I bought some different charms from eBay. I hadn’t thought of using wooden embellishments though. They look great! I like the kind of rustic, natural look they have.

    I also love the circle stitching on your rainy holiday page.

    Your use of the raindrop fabric shows how important it is to stash from things you happen to find along the way. You never know when they will be the perfect thing for a particular project!

    All the best, Becky x

    1. Thanks Becky. Oh, what sort of charms did you get? yes – I like the wood colouring of these embellishments and the do come in a wide range of styles, so I’m certainly going to be on the look out for more! Glad you like the page – yes, it’s a great justification for hoarding fabric! It will all come in for something one day!

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