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Journal #4 Review

Happy New Year everyone!

As is customary at the start of the new year, I have been thinking back over the past 12 months – all of the ambitions I achieved, projects completed and things I didn’t quite get around to do.

2018 was a great year for me and I loved every part of the journey I went on to bring Into The Woods to print – however that project took over my life for many months and swept away many other plans, as I had to focus on making and problem solving the book.

One project that got pushed aside was my Stitchbook Journal, which I had planned on creating and sharing pages for throughout the year. Up until August I managed to keep up with the schedule, making and posting every few weeks. But since then I’ve not posted anything, which I feel a bit guilty about!

I have still been making pages though – I just find it hard to find the time to blog about them. So now I have 18 pages (plus they are all bound into the journal) and want to share them with you. The volume is not quite complete, I will probably add 4 more pages at some point, so excuse the pins in the back cover!

About the pages:

You can find links to more detailed posts on all of the pages up to August here:

  1. 600k views
  2. Me Made May
  3. Etsy Portsmouth
  4. Bowood House Fair
  5. Nannie At 90
  6. Westgate-on-sea

As for some of the more recent blocks…

Sep/Oct -This one is a collection of the things I did in September and October (mainly decorating in my house so I didn’t have many nice photos). There was no one stand out event to make a page about, so I just put in all of the little things I’d discovered/attended. It’s a mixture of techniques I’ve used in previous pages, applique, fabric paint and lettering stampers.

Prime Suspect- This page is a silly one! I happened to be in the middle of binge re-watching Prime Suspect (because I love it) when I found this picture of me dressed up in a police uniform with a fingerprint sheet after a themed day at school. I realised the year the photo was taken was the same year as the episodes I was watching (1996 – series 5) and a page idea was born! The fabric fingerprint chart is really my fingerprints – it took a lot of effort to find a fabric smooth enough to see the lines.

Printing Process – There will be a post on this page in more detail soon. The print company who printed my book sent me lots of photos of the book making its way through various binding and lamination machines and i’ll share these in more detail soon.

So there you go! I hope you have enjoyed looking over the things I have done this year. I’m not sure whether I will create a 5th volume yet, but no doubt there will be something similar for me to work on – and I hope to share more often this time!

Thanks for all of the support this year and hope you all have an amazing 2019!

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