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Fabric Sketchbook

10 page blank fabric sketchbook, ready-to-stitch, for your own design.

Introducing a new type of Stitchbook!

This a blank fabric sketchbook that has a unique folding design that allows you to add your artwork to a pre-made book without leaving any messy workings on the backs of the pages.

Easy to sew into using hand or machine, this book makes it simple to try out  different textile art techniques and add decoration to the pages as you go along.

Each page can be removed from the binding to allow you to sew onto it using any technique, and then enclose the wrong sides within the pages, hiding all of your knots and thread tails. This makes it easy to create your own stitched journal as a keepsake, sketchbook or scrapbook.

The pages are a natural linen which is a neutral colour which will go with any colour scheme and looks nice if left uncovered in parts. The binding strips are made from a rich burgendy cotton. Each page is secured with eyelets and ring bindings.10 blank pages (5 folded sheets).

Each book is made by hand and will be available in limited runs of 10-15 at a time.

Suitable for any level of sewing experience.

In this video I’ve used it to create a book about my family tree combined with Photo Transfer Paper and Lettering Stamps.

How to Use:

  • Pull the binding rings apart and remove one page.
  • Open the page out.
  • Add artwork to the sides facing outwards.
  • When finished, refold and add back onto the binding rings.
  • Close the rings by aligning clasp and pushing together

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