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Find your Perfect Stitchbook Theme

This month in the studio has been all about Stitchbook themes, and I’m pleased to announce a FREE mini-course so you can come up with awesome themes for your Stitchbooks.

When I’m planning a new Stitchbook the first thing I have to come up with is a strong theme that will inspire the images and pages for my book.

Whether I’m making a photo journal or art book I have to start with a specific topic to be able to organise my thoughts.

The theme can also influence the fabrics you’ll use, the colour scheme, page size and orientation as well as the type of book binding, as you’ll want to make sure it’s right for the type of images or photos you want to include.

In fact, it’s really the most important decision you’ll make when planning your book.

I want you to be able to chose an awesome theme that will be perfect for your next fabric book project and leave you excited to start making.

So… I’ve put together a FREE mini course to show you the technique that I use to find and evaluate themes.

The 5-step process lets you explore various ideas, evaluate them and chose the best, you’ll also end up with a collection of images and ideas for the pages and artwork for your book, so you’ll be ready to start making!

What you’ll learn:

  • What a theme is and why it is important in a fabric book.
  • How to generate a wide range of initial ideas
  • How to use your initial ideas and research
  • How to evaluate your ideas

You’ll also get a 9-page workbook that you can print out to work through the 5-steps and keep to remind you of the process.

Whether you are someone who has too many ideas and can’t pick the best, or someone who finds it difficult to come up with any ideas that you like, this course will show you how to structure your thoughts to find an awesome theme.

This technique has been super helpful for me over the years, and I hope it will inspire you to create beautiful books on all kinds of topics!

Let me know how you get on!

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