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Wisley Gardens Stitchbook

Wisley Gardens Stitchbook

Whoop! It’s finally finished!

I feel like I’ve been working on this bad boy for years (it’s really only been about 4 months!). It’s taken such a long time not only because I’ve just been doing it at craft fairs and open studio days but also becasue the artwork is more dense with fabric and stitches than my usual books.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the video of the book in full.

This is the second volume in a series about amazing gardens ( after I completed my one about Kew I knew I had to make more!) and it is based on photographs I took on a visit back in May.

I actually really enjoyed working from my own photos, being able to have a sense of the surrounding areas of the photo, the context and the feeling of being there as well as the specific shot I’ve chosen. I think I have been able to capture more of the spirit of the place than using stock reference photos.

The base of the book is one of my blank Linen & Wine stitchbooks although not much of the beautful linen base is still visible! Here you can see a peek at the inside of one of the folded pages – showing you just how much messy sewing is hidden inside!

My aim with the book was to continue to experiment with different techniques to reproduce the textures, colours and patterns found in natural and man-made environments. This was especially important when tackling parts of the garden that were similar to parts of Kew. I had already created artwork of bonsai trees and the dry tropics for the previous book, so I needed to find new ways of exploring the same plants.

I particularly liked using Inktense pencils to add a watercolour feel to these bonzai trees, very different to the highly detailed bead and sequin approach to the Kew bonsai.

I also experimented more with machine embroidery, using it to speed up some of my practice as well as add texture and movement. Here it is used in the bridge construction and water patterns.

I found it great for taking with me to fairs and events, being small and portable enough to have on my lap for those quiet moments in between customers.

And here is the video of the book in full. Only 10 pages but by Jove there’s a lot in there!

I can’t wait to start the next one in the series!

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