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Basic Sewing Skills (in detail)


When you are a total beginner the small details can often seem tricky. My students sometimes worry about things like how much thread they should have and how to know where to put their needle in the fabric.

On this page you will find very detailed instructions on how to do the basic techniques needed in my projects. If you are not a beginner they might sound ridiculously detailed, but hopefully those new to sewing will find some of their questions answered!


Preparing your needle and thread for sewing

1. Cut a length of thread (about the length from your nose to your fingers when your arm is outstretched!).

2. Thread your needle by pushing one end of the thread through the eye and pulling. If you have trouble use a sharp pair of scissors to cut a sharp end to your thread and try again.

Running Stitch

The easiest stitch to do and very useful for all occasions.

1. Prepare your needle and thread as above. Put your needle to the back of your fabric and position where you want to start your sewing line. Push your needle through fabric to the front.

2. Pull your needle and thread  as far as it will go – the know will stop on the back of the fabric.

3. On the front  of your fabric turn your needle so it is pointing down and push back through the fabric about 1cm away from where you came up.

4. Repeat on the other side, turning your needle and pushing through 1cm away from the last point.

4. Carry on until you have completed your line of running stitch.

Coming soon!

More basic skills including how to sew on a button, fix sequins, use embroidery thread and more!

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