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Zoe’s First Book

A few weeks ago I got a lovely email from Judith, a lady who came on my 6-week Stitchbook course back in January. Over the course of the 6-weeks she made a beautiful fabric book, which was to be a…

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How To Use Letter Stampers To Create Text For Your Stitchbooks. Stitchbook Studio By Kim Edith.

Lettering #1 : Stampers

Add Titles, Captions and More! It's the first themed lettering week! And I've decided to start with one of my all time favourite techniques - Stamped lettering. This easy technique is something I can't get enough of and it forms the…

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One piece backgrounds

As part three of this themed series about Stitchbook backgrounds, I’m focusing today on one-piece backgrounds. What are one-piece backgrounds? These are the simplest backgrounds in the Stitchbook world, but with the following tips they can be just as stunning…

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Backgrounds #1 What Fabric Should I Use For Perfect Stitchbook Page Backgrounds?

Backgrounds #1

For the first themed week I’m going to be talking about Stitchbook Page backgrounds. It makes sense to look at these first as they form the foundation which everything else is added to, and literally hold your book together. A…

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Blog Mission Statement - Or What On Earth Will I Be Talking About On Here?

About this Blog

Welcome to my Mission Statement Blog Post. (Please restrain your whoops and cheers of excitement!) Today I will be setting out my vision for what you can expect if you tune in to any of my future posts. As I'll…

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