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What is Stitchbooking? I've never heard of it before...

Stitchbooking is a new craft  that I have developed  which combines the techniques from Scrapbooking and textiles to create handmade fabric keepsakes.

What is a Stitchbook?

A Stitchbook is a fabric scrapbook. It usually contains photos that have been transferred onto fabric and then sewn into the pages.  They can be any size and bound together in a variety of ways. The thing that makes them ‘Stitchbooks’ is the combination of scrapbook and textile techniques.

What is a Stitchbook? Photo transfers, text and a fabric background make up these fabric memory books.

How do you get the photographs onto fabric?

I use a photo transfer paper to add my photos to fabric. It is really easy to use and you get fantastic results from a standard home printer. Other benefits are that you can wash it, so you can make items for clothes (or babies!) and it is really hard wearing.

You can buy the paper here.

Doesn't it take a really long time?

To make a whole Stitchbook does take some time – although not as much time as some other crafts! I can, for instance, make several Stitchbooks in the time it would take me to make a quilt or knit a jumper.

I have tried to simplify the techniques for you in my tutorials to allow as many levels of experience take part, and some of them are surprisingly quick and simple.

There are also lots of ways to enjoy Stitchbooking without making a whole book. So if you are concerned about time why not try a simpler project to begin!

I'm a beginner sewer, can I still do it?

Yes, of course! I developed this craft in schools with 14 year old’s when working as a teacher, so it can be done at a variety of levels. It is of course better to master the basics first, so try some beginner projects first and then work your way up!

I'm a Scrapbooker - will this help?

The scrapbook element is the design and layout of the Stitchbook pages – so you will definitely have a head start at the creative side of Stitchbooking. Your next step will be to bone up on the textiles techniques you might need to make your grand visions into stitched reality.

Will you make Stitchbook for me?

I take commissions for all kinds of Stitchbook project, from fabric cards to full books. These are organised through my personal website which you can see here.

Do you do Workshops?

Yes, I started out as a textiles teacher in a school, so I love leading workshops. I do both short and long workshops at my studio in Portsmouth, UK. Information for those can be found here.  I also love to spread the word about Stitchbooking and will also travel to do talks and workshops – get in touch if you’d like her to speak or teach at your venue or group.

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