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Fabric Brooch Tutorial

This is a simple tutorial so you can try out your Photo Transfer Paper in a quick and easy project. It is perfect for beginner sewers as it only uses basic sewing skills

Chose a lovely photo of a relative and then learn how to sew it into a brooch to wear with family pride!

This tutorial is to be used in conjunction with the Photo Transfer Paper tutorial or the instructions to your own transfer paper.

You Will Need:

  • White or cream felt (MUST be light coloured)
  • Another colour felt of your choice
  • Fabric Transfer Paper
  • Needle and Thread
  • Small beads or buttons (optional)
  • A brooch back or safety pin

You Will Need:

  • A computer and printer
  • An iron and ironing surface

You will also need:

To  download the template file below and print onto plain paper.

Brooch-templates.pdf (136 downloads)

1.Find a lovely photograph you want to use on your brooch and print it out at approximately  size  5 x 3.5 cm (2″ x 1  1/2″), it doesn’t need to be exact as you will be trimming it later.  I use Microsoft Publisher for printing as it has a inbuilt ruler on the screen, but you can do some trial prints on plain paper to make sure you have the right size.

2.  Print your image onto the transfer paper (make sure you have reversed it). You can find out how to do this here.  Cut the transfer around the edges of your image.

3.  Download and print the templates onto plain paper. Cut out Template 1 and draw around it on the back of your transfer paper. You will want to position the template so you don’t cut off anything important!

4. Cut along your drawn lines so your transfer is oval shaped.  (Tip: Don’t throw the rest of your paper away – you can re-load it into your printer).

5. Place the transfer, printed side down, onto your white felt and use a iron to transfer the image (again, check out the photo tutorial for more details). When cool peel transfer off.

6. Cut around the white felt 3mm away from the photograph to leave a small white border.

7. Pin Template 2 to the coloured felt and cut it out so you have another oval shape.

8. Sew your pin or brooch back to one side of this coloured oval (positioning it about 3/4 up and in the center). There are several ways to do this and no right or wrong techniques. Personally I like to sew a pin with simple loops of stitching over the top bar, and a brooch with a few stitches to the bar and then cover with a piece of felt to hide the stitches (you can even glue this on).

9. Place the white felt onto the coloured felt with the brooch pin on the back. Put a few pins in to hold it in place. (Try and put the pins around the edge of the oval, not through the photograph as it can leave holes in the transfer.)

10. Using your needle and thread, sew around the edge of the white felt using a simple running stitch (or sew over the edge if you are feeling adventurous!).

11. Add any extra embellishments such as small beads or buttons on the front of your brooch by securing your thread at the back of the brooch and sewing through all layers.

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