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A Perfect Personalised Gift!

This is a perfect project for a beginner sewer. It uses basic skills only but still incorporates all of the elements of Stitchbooking.

The only sewing skills used are running stitch and securing a button – and if you need to brush up on these skills there are very in depth tutorials here.

If you are confident with more advanced sewing or have access to a sewing machine why not try the Intermediate Greeting Card Tutorial instead?

So… chose your favourite photo and let’s go!

You Will Need:

  • Photo Transfer Paper (1/2 sheet)
  • Letter stampers
  • Ink pad
  • White cotton tape
  • Fabric for background
  • Coloured felt
  • 4 coloured brads
  • Lace, ribbons, buttons (optional)
  • Blank card and envelope
  • Spray glue or sticky dots.
  • 5″x 7″ Blank white card and envelope (This needs to be thick card – I use 300gm)

You Will Need:

  • Computer and Printer
  • Iron and ironing surface
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Needle and Thread
  • Pins
  • Stitch Unpicker
You will also need to download the following template file:
Key Skill: How to add brads to secure an image

1.Using a large needle or stitch unpick make a small hole in the image about 5mm from each corner.

2. Place the image onto the background fabric and poke holes in the fabric in the same way, through all thicknesses.

3. Poke a brad through each hole.You may need to enlarge the hole, but be careful not to rip the photo.

4. Splay the legs of the brad flat to secure to the back of the felt. Repeat with all brads.


1. Print the templates onto plain paper and cut out. Pin template 2 onto the coloured felt and cut out with fabric scissors.

2.Pin template 3 to background fabric and cut out.

3. With the wrong side of your  background fabric facing up, fold down the top and bottom edges by 1 cm and press them with an iron.

4. Place on top of the coloured felt with folded edges down, centering it over the felt. You should be able to see the felt around the top and bottom edges.  Pin in place.

5. Sew along the top folded edge using a running stitch through all layers. You can use a regular thread or a few strands of embroidery thread (depending on how much you want your stitching to stand out).

6. When you reach the edge, fold the fabric over the edge and continue to sew through all layers. Repeat with the bottom and remaining side which also needs to be tucked under and secured.

7. Print your photograph onto your photo transfer paper (You can find out how to do this here). The image need to be  9 x 6 cm (3 1/2″ x 2 1/2″). If you print it too big use template 1 to trim it down to size.

8. Transfer onto white cotton using a iron (also following the above instructions). Cut photo out along image edges. Don’t leave any white as this will cause the fabric to fray.

9. Add brads to 4 corners as instructed above.

10. Use stampers and an ink pad to add your message onto cotton tape. Cut into sections and sew using a few stands of embroidery thread.

11. Optional – Add buttons to add detail.

12. Glue your fabric to the front of the blank card. I like to use either spray glue or sticky dots. Both of these adhere well to fabric and are long lasting.  Add your glue then place your fabric on the card, flattening out the fabric and pressing down hard.

Finished! Write your card and send it to the lucky recipient.

Feel confident to try something harder? Check out the Intermediate projects!

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